Web Developer.

  • Learner
  • Full-stack
  • Front-end focused

What I Do

I am a Senior Software Engineer at sEATz.

Our software is used to support the business which is concerned with making it easier and more convenient to order concession-stand food and souvenirs without leaving the comfort of your seat. Why should taking your kids to a sporting event make it difficult to order food, drinks, and alcohol but also enjoy every minute of the game. With sEATz it doesn't have to be, because we will deliver it all to you!

Who I Am

I am an adaptable software development professional eager to push the boundaries of my knowledge of software development technologies and methods. I have a solid background in Computer Science, having graduated with a B.S. from Texas A&M University; and with 3+ years experience in consulting and software engineering, I am well-versed in several technology stacks. When I'm not poring over well-written documentation you can find me exercising, playing with my 3 cats, or spending time with my wife.

My Work

My ability to learn new things and get up to speed quickly is demonstrated by the diversity of technologies used in the various projects I have been a part of.

Say Hello.

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