Home network

This is what I am running and/or hosting on my home network. I plan on adding a NAS in the future. Unless otherwise mentioned, almost everything is ran on the Raspberry Pi. I'm hosting mainly Minecraft related stuff on an old gaming PC using Proxmox as a host for a couple Debian VMs.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB
  • Old gaming PC (i7 3770K and 32GiB RAM) running Proxmox
  • TP-Link AX4400 Wifi 6 Router


Identity provider. All of the services that support OIDC or LDAP I have setup to utilize Authentik for single sign on.


Privacy-first personal finance management application. All of my budgeting and expense tracking is done through this. I used to use an app called YNAB, but it's more fun to selfhost this. Plus I don't have to pay $100 a year anymore.

AdGuard Home

Ad-blocking DNS server. It provides ad-blocking for every device connected to my network. It supports DNS-over-https so I can still utilize it even when I am not home.


Reverse proxy server with automatic HTTPS. I use a single Caddy instance to route all traffic to my exposed services. The Caddy instance itself is exposed via a Cloudflare Tunnel. Thanks to which I don't have to open up any ports on my router.

Code Server

Remote instance of VS Code accessible from the browser. I can easily connect to this whenever I need to update a config file on the Raspberry Pi if I don't feel like using SSH.

Minecraft servers

I am self-hosting 3 different Minecraft servers. One is just a proxy for the other two. The other two are a lobby where players funnel in through and a survival server. Eventually I might add more Minecraft servers, so that's why I am using this setup. These are all running on my old Gaming PC under one of my Proxmox VMs. I run two VMs total: one for the Pterodactyl panel, and the other for the actual Minecraft servers.

Personal website

I used to use netlify to serve this website. And that's certainly much more reliable than selfhosting. But honestly where's the fun in that!


Container management software. Almost everything I selfhost is running in a container. Portainer is the management console for all of the containers that I run.


Minecraft server management panel. It's great for managing multiple minecraft servers. They can be monitored and controlled straight from the panel. I have this running on my old Gaming PC in one of the Proxmox VMs. The Minecraft servers themselves are running on another VM.


Bitwarden-compatible password manager. I store my passwords, passkeys, and secure notes on this application. And since it is Bitwarden-compatible, I can sync it with all mine and my family's devices.